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NAUS' active involvement on Capitol Hill makes the Association a key resource for up-to-date information about - and insight into - uniformed services issues.

News releases and other information are posted online as a service to our members, the media, and the general public. As a member of the news media, you can be added to NAUS' media distribution list and receive news releases about military and veterans issues. Send an email to NAUS Marketing Director Steve Hein.

Recent News Releases

NAUS Partners with Excelsior College to Extend Education Opportunities to Servicemembers

Congress Urged to Block TRICARE Fee Hikes in NAUS Testimony

Association Selects 2010 Chapter of the Year

NAUS Magazine Strikes Gold in 2010 MarCom Awards

NAUS President to Speak at RAF Mildenhall, England

Congress Passes TRICARE Affirmation Act

NAUS Acts to Protect TRICARE Benefit


National Defense Authorization Act for 2010 Signed

Advance Funding Bill for Veterans Health Care Signed

Congress Stops TRICARE Standard Fee Hike


NAUS Condemns TRICARE Fee Increase Announced by Defense Department

Senate Testimony Calls for Strong Defense




Recent Media Mentions

Senator Webb greatly appreciates the National Association for Uniformed Services’ active engagement and support of the troops and their families on this matter [TRICARE protection] in recent weeks.
Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) statement, April 13, 2010

Kudos to the president of NAUS, who wrote a strongly worded letter to President Obama urging him to step in personally and stop any efforts by the administration to raise the out-of-pocket costs paid by the military's Tricare health care system beneficiaries.
Sgt. Shaft, Washington Times, April 30, 2009

I will proudly join your great organization [NAUS] and I urge all those eligible to do the same.
Sgt. Shaft, Washington Times, February 5, 2009 

Matz is president of the National Association for Uniformed Services (NAUS), a Virginia-based advocacy group representing active duty, Reserve and National Guard members, veterans and family members for all services.
Dayton Daily News, October 30, 2008

Rick Jones of the National Association for Uniformed Services agreed the compromise was a surprise. "I thought we had won the issue," Jones said, referring to growing support for an outright end to any offset between military and veterans survivor benefits.
Army, Air Force, Navy & Marine Corps Times,
April 7, 2008

"NAUS hasn’t budged on its stand against [TRICARE] fee increases," Jones, legislative director, said. "Military retirees already sacrificed for their country and shouldn’t be asked to give more out of their own pockets," he said.
Times Record News, March 31, 2008

NAUS Legislative Director Rick Jones said that his organization was pleased that the NDAA is addressing the disability rating issues.
U.S. Medicine, December 27, 2007

Rick Jones, legislative director of the National Association for Uniformed Services, said his organization will continue to push for restoration of the Defense health supplemental funds. Government Executive, December 20, 2007

Three powerful organizations (the American Legion, AMVETS and the National Association for Uniformed Services) have joined in opposition to a House bill that would pay for new benefits for WWII Filipino veterans by cutting benefits for elderly U.S. veterans with low incomes.
Army, Air Force, Navy & Marine Corps Times, September 24, 2007



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