Navy to Test Clinics in Commissaries

Need medical attention? You might be able to do some grocery shopping while you’re there, if the Navy’s planned test of putting medical clinics in some commissaries is successful. 

The test, which will take place in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, is in the planning phase.  The clinics will be run by Navy corpsmen, said Vice Adm. Forrest Faison III, the Navy surgeon general, during a Dec.1 session at the conference of the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States, held just outside Washington, D.C. 

 “Those corpsmen who save lives on the battlefield need to be doing more than taking vital signs and pushing records in the records room,” Faison said.  “We’re letting them run clinics in our commissaries to give them the clinical experience they need, to build confidence in patient care that they need.”

Further information about the test – what types of care would be offered, whether appointments would be required, or the role (or interest level) of the Defense Commissary Agency or other service branches in the pilot, for instance – was not immediately available.  

Along with providing experience for military medical personnel, the clinics also would offer convenience, helping keep young service members connected to military health care.  Faison noted that service members and their families have more choices now with their health plan, “so our challenge is to get them to choose us, in an environment and with a generation that’s driven by convenience.”

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