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National Association for Uniformed Services

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2015 NAUS Membership Project Underway         

As a result of numerous requests for a membership directory update, work has begun on the 2015 National Association for Uniformed Services Membership Directory. This is an opportunity to celebrate our members’ years of service to their country in uniform and your Association’s unwavering commitment to protect and enhance the benefits you and others earned through that service.
We have partnered with Publishing Concepts Inc. (PCI), a publisher of Associations and college and university alumni organization directories to assist with producing our publication. In the directory you have a unique opportunity to showcase your military career through your listing information (e.g., positions held, wars/conflicts served, medals earned, years of service and more). Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to include a photo of yourself, your family, or from one of your favorite – or dangerous –
duty stations.
Directory questionnaires are being sent to all Members _ some via e-mail and some via USPS. Please take a few moments and call to verify. Information on purchasing the directory is not included in this initial mailing, as the goal is simply to gather the directory listing information. There is no cost to be included in the directory, though members will be offered the opportunity to purchase a directory if desired when they call to verify.
This is a great opportunity for NAUS to get updated contact information for our members, so this will result in headquarters having better contact information. (especially updated e-mail addresses).
NAUS also receives a small royalty on the sale of each directory, so your participation helps your association financially too!
Contact PCI at 1-866-467-0465.
“The publisher works under a very strict confidentiality agreement with NAUS and will only use the information provided for the purpose of contacting members to gather data and to sell the directory. Only NAUS members can purchase a directory. It is copyrighted and cannot be used by any member for solicitation purposes.”




The 2014 mid-­term election resulted in 164 military veterans obtaining major party nominations for the House of Representatives and 20 for the Senate. The 2014 Field Report 1 provides analysis of the election that surrounded these individuals, including both successful and unsuccessful candidates. Veterans Campaign has profiled the four new veteran Senators and thirteen new veteran Congressmen that will be sworn in with the 114th Congress in January





NAUS President LtGen Jack Klimp, USMC (Ret)
Radio Interview on "In Depth" with Francis Rose

NAUS President LtGen Jack Klimp, USMC (Ret)
2015 Voting and Elections Summit

Seth Lynn from Veteran's Campaign on
MSNBC's "Taking the Hill"

NAUS 2013 Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker
Gen. John Allen, USMC (Ret)


Since 2011 the National Association for Uniformed Services (NAUS), has warned of the coming assault on military benefits. That assault is now under way in earnest. It appears that many of our political, military and other leaders are saying, “Well, the war is over. We don’t need them anymore. We don’t need to honor the promises we made when we recruited them, so to heck with the troops.” They suggest it’s okay for the nation to renege on the promises made to the men and women, the 1 percent of our population, who, at any one time, have fought our wars and protected the other 99 percent. Somehow they seem to think that the place to solve our national financial problems is on the shoulders of those who serve in uniform. Click here to read more...


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