NAUS is the Only Military Association with a Political Action Committee! The NAUS Political Action Committee (NAUS PAC) is an active, nonpartisan lobbying force on Capitol Hill, representing your interests and fighting hard for your benefits. NAUS PAC does this by contributing to the campaign efforts of those seeking national office and meeting candidates and elected officials to educate them about the issues you care about.

NAUS PAC efforts are especially important in an election year. NAUS PAC supports elected officials and candidates who will fight for your entitlements – like your cost-of-living adjustment(s); health care and pharmacy access and benefits; other pay and compensation issues like SBP, concurrent receipt and disability; survivors’ benefits; Social Security and Medicare; and more.

NAUS PAC also supports the election of men and women who have served our country in uniform as we have. There’s no substitute for experience in understanding the challenges faced – and sacrifices made – by members of the uniformed services and their families — experience that is sorely lacking on Capitol Hill today, where today 81% of Congressional members and 95% of their staffs have no military experience.


1. What is the NAUS PAC (Political Action Committee)?

NAUS PAC (Political Action Committee) was formed in 1978 to provide NAUS members a way to collectively contribute to the campaigns of those seeking election to national office who support fair and equitable treatment for all uniformed services personnel, their families, and survivors. NAUS PAC educates candidates and elected officials about issues of importance to NAUS members, and all uniformed service members, retirees, and veterans, by providing information and insights from the uniformed service members’ perspective.

2. How does contributing to NAUS PAC help me?

By contributing to NAUS PAC, you’re helping elect candidates who speak for your beliefs and values. You’re investing in your future and the future of other retirees, veterans, and current uniformed services members by electing veteran-friendly candidates to public office. Only NAUS members may contribute to NAUS PAC.

3. Does it matter which political party I support?

No. NAUS PAC contributions are made to candidates based on their dedication to supporting the hard-earned benefits of the men and women who serve – and have served – our country in uniform, not the political party to which they belong.

4. Who is responsible for NAUS PAC activities and expenditures?

The NAUS PAC is independently controlled by its own officers. NAUS PAC funds are managed separately from the Association’s program and operating funds – there is no co-mingling. Additionally, PACs are strictly regulated by Federal law.

5. Why haven’t I heard much about what NAUS PAC is doing?

You usually only hear about NAUS PAC during election years. Every dime that is contributed to the PAC is deposited in interest-bearing accounts awaiting the next election cycle. Once election time rolls around, your PAC opens those purse strings again, and gets busy on your behalf.

6. How much should I contribute to NAUS PAC?

Quite frankly, every dollar counts! Contributing to the NAUS PAC is an excellent investment in the preservation of your benefits and in the future of today’s uniformed service members. There is no fixed amount you should give.

7. How do I contribute to NAUS PAC?

To contribute to NAUS PAC (NAUS Members only!), simply forward your contribution to:

5535 Hempstead Way
Springfield, VA 22151

Be sure to make your check payable to “NAUS PAC.” Contributions are accepted anytime during the year.

Please note: Because NAUS PAC lobbies Congress to protect your earned benefits, contributions to NAUS PAC are not tax-deductible.