Honor. Courage. Commitment. Service before Self.
Excellence in All We Do. Integrity First.

Vietnam US SoldierFor generations, these have been the values of our service men and women.   Today, they are the core values and guiding principles of NAUS.

We uphold these values in all we do because we, like you, know that our debt to the valiant men and women in service to our country can never be repaid, but it can and should be honored.

For almost 50 years, NAUS has sought to honor our Nation’s uniformed service members.

NAUS uses non-partisan advocacy to defend the earned benefits of uniformed service members, retirees, veterans and their families. NAUS is the Nations only veteran service organization focused on reconnecting Americans with the service members who defend their freedoms and our democracy. Our members encompass all seven uniformed services; and represent all ranks, grades and conditions of service.


Understanding the commitment and challenges of military service, NAUS influences legislation and policy affecting American uniformed service members, resulting in important policy and programmatic victories.

We were there when our service members needed us after Vietnam and we are here for them today as they continue to serve in conflicts in the Middle East. NAUS stands at the watchtower, defending and protecting benefits; and ensuring services and resources for those service members in need.

Services and Programs

Female Marine hugging her son after a deployment

Casey Page / Via billingsgazette.com

In addition to our legislative work, our educational programs and outreach services bridge the gap between American civilians and uniformed service members. Our scholarships support the educational aspirations of service member families.

We invite you to join us by becoming a NAUS member or by making a donation investment today.