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VA Announces Actions Against Leaders in Cincinnati, Ohio

Based on preliminary results of a joint VA Office of Medical Inspector (OMI) and Office of Accountability (OAR) review conducted Feb.  9-11, 2016 at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center, Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Sloan D. Gibson, proposed the removal of Jack Hetrick, the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN 10) director, from Federal Service.  On Thursday Mr. Hetrick submitted his …

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Senate Side Of The Capitol

SASC Holds Hearing on Defense Health Care

The Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) held a hearing on Tuesday to examine the Defense Health Care reform.  Dr. Jonathan Woodson, assistant secretary of defense for health affairs; Navy Vice Adm. (Dr.) Raquel Bono, director of the Defense Health Agency; and the Army, Navy and Air Force surgeons general provided testimony and made recommendations.  Woodson described initiatives within the Military …

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Zika Virus I

Blood Donations and Zika Virus Guidelines

As a safety measure against the emerging Zika virus outbreak, the Food and Drug Administration issued a new guidance recommending the deferral of individuals from donating blood if they have been to areas with active Zika virus transmission, potentially have been exposed to the virus, or have had a confirmed Zika virus infection. While there have been no reports to …

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Legal Service

Virginia Veteran Legal Clinics

The Virginia State Bar (VSB) and the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) are teaming up in March to provide a series of four pro bono veterans legal services clinics to low-income veterans.  In order to be eligible for services, veterans and their spouses must fill out an intake questionnaire on Attorney General Herring’s website or at their local Virginia …

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Air Force Announces High Year Tenure Extension

Eligible senior airmen, staff sergeants, technical sergeants, and master sergeants in 122 Air Force specialties can apply for a high year of tenure (HYT) extension and, if approved, will be able to extend between 12 and 24 months past their current HYT.  The extension should be approved by the unit commander or civilian leader.  The HYT extension application window is …

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VA memo outlines priority status of HepC funding for life-saving new cure

Click Here For Memo Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Funding and Prioritization Status Update

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Free Learning Courses for Veterans

LinkedIn is now offering service members and veterans one year of access to its professional development site,, at no cost.  This online learning company offers thousands of on-demand courses for users to build their business, software, technology, creative and other skills.  LinkedIn also allows job seekers to create a public Veterans Employment Center (VEC) profile.  The VEC connects transitioning …

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151117 M AB123 008

Service Leaders Pledge to Not Relax Combat Skills Requirements

Army and Marine Corps leaders swapped pledges with members of the Senate Armed Services Committee at a recent hearing not to cave to political pressure and relax ground combat skill requirements so that more women will qualify to serve in infantry, armor, and special forces units.  Certainty that such pressure will come, and need to be resisted to protect combat …

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Military Health Care

A new RAND study finds that the military health system performs well in following up with patients after they are discharged from a mental health hospitalization.  The period after a patient is discharged can be a vulnerable time, making follow-up visits critically important for these patients, according to the study. The RAND study also found that the vast majority of patients with …

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TRICARE Overseas

Proposed TRICARE for Life Changes

“Implement Enrollment Fee for New Tricare-for-Life Beneficiaries and Increase Pharmacy Co-Pays — In conjunction with the TRICARE Plan changes, the Department again seeks to adjust pharmacy co-pay structures and establish a modest annual enrollment fee for the TRICARE-for-Life coverage for Medicare-eligible retirees.  TRICARE-for-Life Annual Family (Two Individuals) Enrollment Fees* % of Gross Retired Pay (GRP) * Individual fees are 50 percent of family …

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